Protein Information

High Protein for Weight Loss Plan

High Protein for Weight Loss PlanThere are a lot of great reasons why you should incorporate more protein into your diet. It’s a great way to aid in weight loss, helps keep your body strong, and it may even protect your heart. But when you are new to this way of eating or trying to get away from premade meals and... Read More »

Mixing it Up with Plant-Based Protein

Mixing it Up with Plant-Based ProteinIf you’re a vegetarian or are simply wanting to mix up your healthy meals, there are some great plant-based protein options out there. Of course, this is also perfect if you are going meatless for one day per week, or are just looking for some protein alternatives to change up your meal plans and dinner... Read More »

Eating Protein for Weight Loss and Energy

Eating Protein for Weight Loss and EnergyEating protein for weight loss and energy is important for everyone. Your body was made to need protein. You need it from head to toe. The cells throughout your body have to have it. Without enough protein, you will end up with thinning hair and weak nails. More importantly, without protein, you will have no... Read More »

Carbohydrates That Should be Avoided

Carbohydrates That Should be AvoidedIt seems that even in this modern age of medicine and with easy access to knowledge, people are not any healthier. In fact, it looks like most people aren’t as healthy as people were a hundred years ago. Some of the reasons could be carbs so it is important to know what carbohydrates that should... Read More »

What are Carbs and What Do They Do?

What are Carbs and What Do They Do?Carbs are made of fiber, sugar, and starch and they’re in the foods that you eat. These macronutrients play an important role in how your body gets the energy that it needs. Your body has to have carbs at a certain level or it can’t function. This is why people who cut their carbs too... Read More »

Whey Protein May Be a Top Choice to Build Lean Muscle Mass

Whey Protein May Be a Top Choice to Build Lean Muscle MassIt’s important to make sure that you have protein once you’re finished with your workout. A hard session of toning and working your muscles causes your body to use up energy and it has to be replaced the right way. Your body needs an infusion of protein. Protein is what helps give your muscles what... Read More »

Using Insects as Primary Protein Source

Using Insects as Primary Protein SourceFuture menus and at home meal planning might just start including insects as a primary protein source. As more people are becoming aware of what goes on in the manufacturing of protein from animals, there has been a shift in thinking. This shift has seen more awareness that there are other types of protein that... Read More »

Protein You Should Choose Post Workout

Protein You Should Choose Post WorkoutSince no one wants to down a full meal (including protein) right after finishing up a workout, what most people do is reach for something quick and convenient that’s loaded with protein. For some people, that’s a protein bar. For others, that’s a protein... Read More »

Does Protein Help Eliminate Obesity

Does Protein Help Eliminate ObesityObesity in America has risen to levels that are at an all-time high. Not only has this weight epidemic struck adults, but children as well. This health condition makes everyone a target for developing diseases like diabetes, coronary disease, and even certain cancers. But your diet can change all of that – especially if it’s... Read More »