How to Burn Body Fat with the Ketogenic Diet

Burn Body Fat with the Ketogenic DietWhen it comes to diets, you will be able to burn body fat with the Ketogenic diet and as well as reduce weight. Unfortunately, so many people end up on what they think is a good diet, only to find they can’t seem to get rid of the excess weight.

Perhaps they do lose some weight, but it is slow and the results are what they were hoping to achieve. The reason. Insulin!

This hormone controls a lot of systems in the body and if you don’t address this issue, you are going to have a tough time losing any weight.

Do you find that you don’t have a lot of energy and are having a hard time losing weight? This is not the way your body should function and that could change today. That is because you could begin to see results by trying the Ketogenic Diet.

How the Ketogenic Diet Swapping Energy Sources

Carbohydrates have been touted as the primary source of energy in the body, but is that really the way to lose weight and keep up your energy? What if you found that this accustomed way of looking at weight loss was crap!

Let’s take a look at our ancient ancestors who were on the earth during the Paleolithic Era. They didn’t have all the modern trappings we have. There were no bakeries or packaged products on a grocery store shelf.

Burn Body Fat with the Ketogenic DietTheir diet consists mainly of animal protein and berries and nuts. Food was scarce as well. In fact, if they wanted to eat they had to go and hunt and kill an animal for forage for berries and nuts. They put a lot of energy into finding food.

Because of the scarcity of food, their bodies were in a constant state of ketosis.

As a result, they were lean and healthy. No extra fat on their bodies! That is how to burn body fat with the Ketogenic diet!

Fossil remains show that their bones were larger than ours today, and more importantly, did not have any real decay in their teeth. So perhaps their health was superior to many of us today.

So what does that mean for any of us wanting to get rid of the extra pounds?

What it means is that a diet that consists of a lot of animal protein and fat, along with some vegetables is a healthier way for our bodies to function.

Did you know that our metabolism is actually fat based? It is not carbohydrate based like you have been told all these years.

Get Results from the Ketogenic Diet

If you want to know how your body is doing you have to take a lipid profile. This is a collection of values relating to your cholesterol and lipoprotein levels that everyone has in their blood.

Our bodies will hold onto fat storage under the influence of carbohydrates and insulin surpluses. One the Ketogenic Diet your fat stores become depleted and the results is that fat is used as fuel. As an upside, your cholesterol and triglyceride levels improve.

Boost Lean Muscle on the Ketogenic Diet

Our muscles help fat oxidation due to the inside structures that are known as mitochondria.

Since insulin is an anabolic hormone, it promotes the gain of both muscle and fat.

This is not an ideal situation.

The good news is that the more muscle you have on your body, the more fat can be burned.

So if you promote the growth of lean muscle tissue, you end up burning more fat and fat helps to power muscle.

This is a great combination!

How Strict A Ketogenic Diet to You Need?

The Ketogenic Diet recommends eating less than 50 grams of carbohydrates a day, although some plans suggest less than 20 grams.

If you are just getting started on this diet, or you need more carbohydrates because you are athletic and work out a lot, you can still reap the rewards.

You just need to do some minor modifications.

One way to go is to follow the Cyclic Ketogenic Diet. This plan allows you to eat carbohydrates around your workout times.

This is especially true for anyone who does high-intensity workouts.

You will find that fat burning by being on the Ketogenic Diet is an entirely different way of thinking.

You no longer have to make yourself crazy trying to figure out how to reduce the weight, build muscle and feel great.

Give the Ketogenic Diet a try. It is just a change in lifestyle and notice if not only your body changes but you get to enjoy your life even more!

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