Health Benefits of the Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet is frequently seen as a way to lose weight. This may be a definite benefit, it is not the only one. There is a broad range of health benefits of the Keto diet, from infertility support to helping fight cancer and other diseases.

How the Keto Diet Fights Cancer

Health Benefits of the Keto DietOne of the health benefits of the Keto diet is that it can fight cancer. This diet is not just about losing weight, although this is an important advantage.

The way Keto helps fight cancer is by reducing your sugar intake since you will also be reducing your intake of carbohydrates.

As a result, you are reducing those extra sugars in your body that cancer cells feed off. It has been determined that cancer cells tend to grow at a much slower rate when you follow a diet that restricts carbs and sugar.

The Keto Diet Suppresses Appetite

There are a couple of ways that the Keto diet helps to lose weight and keep it off. The first is by helping to suppress the appetite.

When the body goes into ketosis, you end up craving less sugar and carbs. As a result, you end up eating less.

Some people find that the first week on the diet tends to be a bit difficult. However, if you keep up with ketosis every day, you will soon find that you want smaller meals that include plenty of protein and other nutrients.

As well you will find that your cravings go away.

Keto Helps With Infertility

Health Benefits of the Keto DietThis diet can be an important component for anyone who suffers from infertility as a result of the polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

When the body is in ketosis, the hormones start to regulate and as well you will be able to regulate your blood glucose levels.

As a result, you get help with this syndrome. It might even allow your body to normalize enough that you will ovulate on time which could result in a higher likelihood of getting pregnant.

While the research is ongoing, various infertility specialists seem to be recommending the Keto diet to their patients.

Possible Help With Alzheimer’s Disease

The Keto diet seems to be able to help in certain cases with people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. At the moment this disease does not have a cure.

However, some doctors are looking at different ways to treat the symptoms and slow down the disease.

With ketosis, people eat more healthy fats which provide the necessary nutrients to the brain. It is felt that this can strengthen the brain and help slow down the progression of the disease.

More and more, this is becoming a natural treatment for Alzheimer’s.

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